Program Spotlight & Impact Story

SICD students participate in Indigenous cultural teachings and activities like rattle making, pictured here.

Our Social Innovation & Community Development (SICD) program is a 10-month program delivered on-site, providing accreditation from Red River College in partnership with the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resources (Neeginan Institute of Technology).

Participants study various courses such as Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Indigenous Perspectives on Leadership Structures, Financial Literacy, and Professional Development, preparing them for careers in community development. The program includes a 4-week unpaid work practicum to gain practical experience.

According to IOAA 2016-2017 Statistics, the graduation rate was 86%, with 47% of graduates securing employment from their work placements.

Preparing for the SICD grad ceremony in June, students have completed academic reviews for the first four of their 12-course program requirements. As students move into the second phase of the program, they are focusing on practicum placements and course outcome credits. Students are considering their roles in community social development, taking steps toward their goals.

The education team supports students in overcoming challenges and provides them with resources as needed. Individual support is available for those requiring one-on-one assistance. Students engage in group projects, honing their research, collaboration and public speaking skills. They also learn to meet deadlines and deliver presentations.

Assignments and projects inform students of social innovation through an Indigenous lens. Courses include Communication Skills for Business and Applied Arts, Computer Applications, Financial Literacy, and Communication Strategies. The program provides cultural teachings like pipe ceremonies and strawberry teachings. There are also discussions on loss, grief, and the importance of the medicine wheel and the seven sacred teachings.

The SICD program emphasizes building healthy, lasting relationships and fosters self-awareness and personal growth. Training sessions are also included, such as CPR & first aid, ethics in the workplace, harm reduction, and mental health first aid. This helps prepare students for real-world workplace scenarios.

Our SICD program supports many students like Georgina, a student from Ebb & Flow First Nation.

“It was challenging at times, but I had good classmates that helped out, and I gained a few friends from this program too,” Georgina says. “I will forever be grateful for the teachings and learning.”

“After graduating, I was not sure what I wanted to take… until I saw the pamphlet for Ka Ni Kanichihk,” said Georgina. “…It was about my people and I knew there would be something good that came out of this program, and I did it. I got a summer job from doing my practicum with North End Women’s Centre, and plan on going for year two for Community Development.”

We asked Georgina what the program changed for her.

“My confidence changed. I feel more confident that I can do what I put my mind to, and show my family that it does not matter what your age is or the situation you are in, you can do it too. There will be haters everywhere, but do not let them bother you, just do what makes you happy!”

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