Heart Medicine Lodge

Culturally-based support and advocacy services for Indigenous women who have experienced sexual assault and sexual violence. Available to all who identify as women and are over the age of 18.

Heart Medicine Teaching

LOVE is most connected to matters of the heart. It is the only medicine that can heal broken heartedness and heartaches. The strawberry is the medicine associated with the heart and is called Heart Medicine. Heart Medicine, unconditional love, like that
between mother and child, is how our people treated one another before colonization.

Love does not judge, does not bargain, does not discriminate. It just accepts.

Services Provided

HEALING PROGRAM:  12-week, closed- group program that focuses on the effects of trauma, cultural identity, empowerment, and Indigenous women’s strengths to support the healing process.

MINDFULLNESS DROP-INS: Weekly opportunity to meet women who share common experiences in a supportive and culturally safe space.

SHARING CIRCLES: Opportunity to share stories and healing journeys in a supportive and culturally safe space.

STRAWBERRY TALKS: Monthly open-group sessions featuring different guest speakers to discuss various topics, services and alternative healing therapies.

ADVOCACY: Support with medical and legal issues or accompaniment to appointments related to sexual violence.

TRADITIONAL CEREMONIES: Cedar Bath, Full Moon, Sweat Lodge.


INFORMATION AND REFERRAL: Linkages to other community resources.

YOU HAVE OPTIONS: Help After Sexual Assault toolkit guide. Click Here

*Bus tickets are available.

Sexual Violence – is any violence — physical, emotional or psychological — of a sexual nature. It has a strong negative effect on physical and mental health.
Sexual Assault – is any non-consensual sexual activity and is a form of sexual violence. If someone grabs your breasts, genitals,
or bum without permission or consent; if someone forces you to kiss or touch them; to have anal, oral, or vaginal intercourse; or
to participate in any type of sexual activity without your permission or consent, it is sexual assault.

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