The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club is a program designed to engage, motivate, and support Indigenous girls and Two Spirit youth, 9-13 years of age, in cultural, social, and leadership development activities. Weekly program provides the youth with opportunities to develop self-confidence and a sense of belonging, guided by a curriculum focusing on Indigenous cultural reclamation, environmental stewardship, self-development, and community involvement. Activities guide us to live mino bimaadiziwin (the good life) through nourishing our minds, emotions, bodies, and spirits.

Indigenous Cultural Reclamation

The Butterfly Club incorporates culture, ceremonies, language, and teachings into all its programming. Activities include:

  • Smudging
  • Sharing circle
  • Dancing (eg. traditional, jingle, fancy shawl, hoop, jigging, etc.)
  • Indigenous artwork
  • Crafts (eg. beading, moccasin/mukluk making, drum making, medicine bags, dreamcatchers, etc.)
  • Drumming and singing
  • Language
  • Clan teachings
  • Women and Two Spirit teachings

I have found so much healing in our culture and can honestly say I would probably not still be here on this earth if it wasn’t for Ka Ni Kanichihk reconnecting me with my culture. I have struggled in the past with suicide and self-harm, and Ka Ni Kanichihk helped me overcome those battles by being so supportive and always having someone I can talk to when I need some encouragement or some teachings to help get me through..

Meg Olmstead
Meg Olmstead
Former Participant
Program Facilitator
The Butterfly Club

Environmental Stewardship

Our connection and dependence on the land is a vital part of all Indigenous cultures, and humanity is at a crucial point in our relationship with the earth. Teachings and activities focus on:

Respectful use of natural resources

  • Our connection to the land
  • Medicines
  • Medicine picking
  • Using reusable feast dishes
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Field trips and spending time outdoors


The Butterfly Club aims to empower youth through sessions focused on building self-esteem and self-confidence, while encouraging healthy relationship building between the youth and with the mentors. Workshops may focus on:

  • Mentorship with positive, Indigenous female or Two Spirit role-models
  • Self-defense
  • Anti-bullying and anti-gossiping
  • Healthy relationships
  • Body positivity
  • Mental health
  • Consent
  • Two-Spirit and gender identity
  • Equality and equity
  • Self-care
  • Community involvement and volunteerism
  • Skill development and career exploration (eg. basic first aid, cooking, music, science, math, wilderness survival, sports, sewing and crafting, writing, babysitting, etc.)

Community involvement

We provide a safe community for the youth to connect with, where they can form a sense of belonging. Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Indigenous role-models are brought in for:

  • Pipe ceremonies
  • Water ceremonies
  • Sweatlodges
  • Community events
  • Drum groups
  • Sharing teachings
  • Indigenous, human, land and water rights activists
  • Indigenous entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, authors and poets, doctors, artists, etc.


The Sisters’ Circle

For youth showing emerging leadership skills, the Sisters’ Circle is a weekly project-based, mentorship program. Inspiring Indigenous female and Two Spirit role-models mentor the youth in small groups and guide them through the Butterfly Club curriculum, but also assist them with cultural leadership projects.* For more information, please contact us at or (204) 953-5820 ext. 227.

*Projects require maturity, patience, and a drive to complete what is started, with moderate assistance. This program may not be for youth who require one-on-one support.

Are you an Indigenous girl or Two Spirit youth between 9 and 13 years of age? If so, we’d love to have you join the Butterfly Club!

For a printable copy of our Application package, please click here. Once you have submitted an application, Ka Ni Kanichihk staff will contact you about availability in our programs.