Leading Black Wolf

Program Description

Leading Black Wolf, formerly known as MYTEAM (Manitoba Youth Transitional Employment & Mentorship), was initially a four-year pilot project, which is currently operating under an additional one year extension period. The project was piloted by the Department of Family Services and Labour (FSL), which is managed by the Child Protection Branch as part of Rewarding Work and the ALL Aboard poverty reduction strategy. The Leading Black Wolf program, provided through Ka Ni Kanichihk, offers youth, who are leaving (or who have recently left) the care of Child and Family Services, one-to-one support with mentorship, guidance and other opportunities as they work toward their personal goals and greater independence.

Through mentorship and group activities, Leading Black Wolf provides a range of services intended to identify and address youths’ strengths and needs for support and skill development in the areas of education, training, finances, housing, employment, self-development, child care, and basic living skill; so that youths’ primary educational and training goals may be achieved.

Leading Black Wolf is for those who dare to dream, those who yearn for more, and those who refuse to settle for the status quo. Our target audience includes individuals who have experienced care in CFS, at any capacity. Our primary focus includes ages 18-25, with a per-needs assessment for ages 16-17. From young adults navigating their path, to seasoned professionals seeking greater fulfillment. Whether you are a recent graduate unsure of your next step, a working parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or someone in search of deeper connections and purpose, Leading Black Wolf welcomes you with open arms. At Leading Black Wolf, our goal is not just to help you succeed but to empower you to thrive-to become the better version of yourself and make a positive impact in the world. Join us, and let us embark on this journey of growth, culture connection, and transformation together.

Program Eligibility

Participants of Leading Black Wolf are 18 to 25 years-of-age, and are in (or recently left) the care of Child and Family Services as a Permanent Ward, Temporary Order, or under a Voluntary Placement Agreement. In order to be eligible, participants must also:

  • Be eligible for, or already enrolled in Employment and Income Assistance (EIA)
  • Be willing to develop an individual plan with goals toward independent living
  • Be interested in education and/or employment training and willing to work closely with a mentor
  • Be ready and willing to make a commitment to the program for at least one year
  • Live in Winnipeg

Program Activities

Explore youth strengths and needs for their transition to independent living

  •  Mentorship to support youth with training and/or educational goals
  • Work experiences that could lead to long-term career opportunities
  • Resources to help youth find and keep suitable housing
  • Help in search for child care and other important resources
  • Support to help youth deal with life issues as they arise
  • Opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and personal supports (money management, healthy living and personal relationships)

How Do You Get into the Program?

All referrals are processed through Ka Ni Kanichihk, and are subject to a selections process.

Referrals to Leading Black Wolf can be made by:

  • CFS workers
  • EIA workers
  • Community Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Self-referral

At Leading Black Wolf, our goal is not just to help you succeed but to empower you to thrive—to become the best version of yourself and make a positive impact in the world. Join us, and let us embark on this journey of growth, cultural connection, and transformation together.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at;

Leading Black Wolf

Phone number: 204 560 7781

Email address: abrass@kanikanichihk.ca,

Location: 395 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 1R2

Program Coordinator: Angela Brass

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