The Manitoba Mino Pimatisiwin Model of STBBI Care

Project Overview

The Manitoba Mino Pimatisiwin Model of STBBI Care project, is led by Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc. of Winnipeg, MB and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)-Community Action Fund (CAF) from April 2017 to March 2022. This project is creating a model of STBBI service delivery in Manitoba and implementing it in two pilot sites: Winnipeg and the Prairie Mountain Health Region. This project is about a focus on systems change.

Why is this Project Needed? Many Rates of STBBI’s are persistently and disproportionately elevated among Indigenous people in Manitoba. Addressing culturally safe care will increase rates of participation in prevention, testing, and treatment activities.

Systems change means addressing policies, practices, pathways, environments, relationships and our own mental models.

Project Goal: The overall project goal is to improve STBBI prevention and intervention among Indigenous people in Manitoba by working in partnership to enhance health service delivery systems, including mechanisms, capacity and policies to reflect evidence-based, anti-oppressive, Indigenous culturally safe environments and practices.

Project Description: The project will increase the capacity of Indigenous leaders, communities, and Indigenous and non-Indigenous service providers to implement culturally safe and effective STBBI prevention, testing, care, treatment and support services. Working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders, policy-makers and service providers, the project will facilitate implementation of policy and practice changes to improve the experience and outcomes of STBBI related services.

Project Objectives

Objective 1: By March 2022, the project will increase the knowledge of five partner organizations and at least six target organizations by 60% in two pilot sites in Manitoba (Winnipeg & Prairie Mountain Region) on Indigenous culturally safe STBBI prevention and intervention services via the Manitoba Mino Pimatisiwin Model of STBBI Care Development and Training. As a result, 50% partner and target organizations will exhibit an enhanced application of knowledge in community-based interventions demonstrated by changes in their organizational policies and practices.

Objective 2: By March 2022, the project through collaborative partnerships and supportive change activities within the 2 pilot sites (Winnipeg & Prairie Mountain Region), will strengthen the capacity of five partner advisory organizations and six target organizations by 40% to adopt and implement the MB Mino Pimatisiwin Model of STBBI Care. As a result, 20% of the organization will be capable to implement the MB Mino Pimatisiwin Model of STBBI Care in these two pilot sites.

Project Focus

Priority Population: Indigenous people in Manitoba

Pilot Sites: Winnipeg & Prairie Mountain Region

Audiences: Indigenous Organizations and leaders; Indigenous health and social service providers and agencies; Non-Indigenous health service providers and agencies; Other knowledge-users – Educators, researchers, policy and decision makers involved in Indigenous and multi-population focused
HIV/STBBI related aspects;

Partner Organizations: The original 5 project partners include: Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc.; Nine Circles
Community Health Centre (CHC); The Manitoba Harm Reduction Network; Two-Spirited People of
Manitoba Inc.; Sexuality Education Resource Centre/ Klinic CHC. Additional partners are included as the project progresses.

Participating Organizations: 6 organizations will agree to participate within two pilot sites: including
Indigenous focused and multi-population focused health service delivery organizations/agencies.
Ka Ni Kanichihk Project Team: Mino Pimatisiwin Project Manager, Ka Ni Kanichihk Director of Programs and Services, Project Knowledge Keepers, Consultants: Indigenous Public Health Consultant, Evaluation and Curriculum Consultant.

Project Advisory Committee: Consists of Peer representatives, representatives from the original 5 partners, community-based organizations, policy-makers, service providers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders, Project Knowledge Keepers, Project Consultants and other agencies and organizations who are invited by the Project to participate.

Contact For More Information
Laverne Gervais: Project Manager
Pronouns: (she/her)
Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc. “Those who lead”
Ph: 204-594-6500 ext 103; Fax: 204-953-5824; Toll Free: 1-888-953-5264
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