About Ka Ni Kanichihk

We Are Leaders

Ka Ni Kanichihk was established in 2001 by visionary community leaders and Elders who understood that Indigenous-designed and led programs and services are essential for bringing about meaningful social transformation.

At Ka Ni Kanichihk:

We lead women, men, children, youth, and our 2 Spirit community to health and balance through learning and healing programs grounded in traditional Indigenous knowledge and trauma informed practices.

We lead our people to financial independence through skill-building and educational programs that celebrate and build up each person’s value and strengths.

We lead our youth to a sense of pride, connection, belonging, and responsibility through youth mentorships and risk prevention programs.

We lead families back to their home fires with life skills training, a culturally based daycare centre, food and housing security initiatives, and violence prevention and intervention programs.

We lead the broader community to reconciliation through outreach and engagement, advocacy, and training on anti-oppression and decolonization practices.

Ka Ni Kanichihk has always been a second home to me as I always have a place to go to when I am feeling alone, they always keep my mind full of positive things and remind myself who I am. Before I started even going to Restoring the Sacred I didn’t know who I was, I was so lost with myself, I didn’t know what I was capable of because I never had that encouragement with someone reassuring me on the side. That’s what inspired me to go back to school to work with children and youth. I couldn’t have never done it without the help of Restoring the Sacred and I thank them for that.

Kyra Lacquette
Former Participant
Restoring the Sacred

A Strong Track Record

Thanks to the courage and tenacity of our founders, Ka Ni Kanichihk has helped more than 20,000 Indigenous people living in Winnipeg change their lives, with thousands more in their families and communities benefitting as a result.

Ka Ni Kanichihk has a long history of strong, positive partnerships with other community service organizations, government agencies, funders, and other stakeholders.

Ka Ni Kanichihk has done this while consistently balancing its budget, investing in the community, and focusing on strong governance.

Values & Beliefs

At Ka Ni Kanichihk, the greatness and gifts of all peoples are seen and honoured.  We offer a safe place  where Indigenous cultures and values are practiced, and where our people can “just be who we naturally are.”

At Ka Ni Kanichihk we honour the laws of our Creator. We honour the spirit of our ancestors and seek their wisdom to guide our peoples back to balance and wellness. We honour our responsibility to the children; those that are here now and those still waiting to come – seven generations from now. 

At Ka Ni Kanichihk, we…

  • Walk our Talk
  • Share the strength, health, and wellness of Indigenous Peoples
  • Provide welcoming and safe environments
  • Walk in balance with Indigenous values and knowledge
  • Value belonging, self-mastery, and generosity
  • Believe in independence and interdependence with all our relations
  • Create compassionate, respectful, effective, and relevant programming in partnership with our community


Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc. is governed by a volunteer Council who bring an array of skills, education, experiences, and knowledge to the urban Indigenous community in Winnipeg. The Council oversees and guides the activities of the organization. Our Co-Chairs provide leadership and engage with organizational activities and events. The Council learns and grow together as a family, sharing their love and care for Ka Ni Kanichihk and the community.

Jessie Howell – Elder
Sydney Levasseur-Puhach – Co-Chairperson
Ken Sanderson – Co-Chairperson
Herb Zobell – Secretary
Carter Wilson – Treasurer
Brett Huson
Audrey Richard
Nike Bello
Eman Agpalza
Jeremy McKay
Bethany Ettawacappo
Joana Bersamina
Danielle Carriere
River Turner