Expansion of Ka Ni Kanichihk for a Stronger Tomorrow

Just released design for Ka Ni Kanichihk expansion.

More space for our community.

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Real Reconciliation

The futures of Indigenous people in Manitoba matter to all of us.

If you believe in a Manitoba that includes the power and potential of Indigenous peoples; if you believe in a strong community for everyone; if you believe in true, meaningful reconciliation that ensures Indigenous people have agency over their lives and direction…

then please consider an investment in Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Expansion initiative.

Urgent Need

Ka Ni Kanichihk serves about 1,500 people every year – the maximum we can now accommodate – but demand far exceeds our current program and facility capacity. In fact, approximately 1,500 additional people every year inquire about participating in Ka Ni Kanichihk programs.

Ka Ni Kanichihk is ready to meet the rapidly growing demand for our innovative and effective programs, but we are severely limited by space.

That is why we are planning a $8-million Building Expansion project at our current location. The new facility will more than double program capacity, allowing Ka Ni Kanichihk to provide comprehensive, Indigenous-created and delivered programming to at least 3,000 Indigenous Manitobans every year.


Ka Ni Kanichihk’s ability to serve the community affects all of us, whether we use their services or not. This journey to health and healing cannot be completed without your help.

Every gift makes a difference. Every gift is an investment in a person. Every dollar will profoundly affect a life.

There is an urgency to breaking the pervasive, destructive cycle of generational trauma. For many Indigenous people the only path to a life beyond shame, isolation, and self-harm is to find and reclaim their identity within a rich and evolving culture.

Ka Ni Kanichihk is a place where people heal themselves and help each other heal. It is a place that is helping to build a strong, healthy community for all of us, one supported journey at a time.

We will all be ancestors one day. We can decide today what our legacy will be.

Project Impact

Expanding Ka Ni Kanichihk will keep thousands more people from slipping through the cracks of caring. Our expansion will create meaningful, essential change in our community.

The work of Ka Ni Kanichihk touches the lives of every Manitoban, offering a hand equally to those who are struggling and those who are thriving. I’ve first-hand witnessed the impact of its programming and have often remarked how its visionary commitment to the future and leadership in the complex issues that face our community make it one of Winnipeg’s most important organizations. The work of Ka Ni Kanichihk saves lives and brings us altogether.

Niigaan James Sinclair
Associate Professor
Department of Native Studies
University of Manitoba

Project Details

Ka Ni Kanichihk’s innovative expansion design reflects Indigenous cultures and brings a fresh, welcoming face to the community. Ka Ni Kanichihk owns its building and property at 455 McDermot Avenue.