This honour is in recognition of the inspirational leadership provided by the late HONOURABLE OSCAR LATHLIN, who passed suddenly on November 2, 2008.  On October 27 of that same year – just six days before he left us – Minister Lathlin was the guest speaker at Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Annual General Assembly.  He acknowledged the traditional role of women as being integral to healthy families and communities, and he embraced all efforts to return to those practices.

In November 2008, Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Governing Council endorsed a motion to establish an award in honour of Minister Lathlin’s legacy of visionary leadership – this, in keeping with Ka Ni Kanichihk’s name, which means “those who lead,” and its vision of leadership in both defining and implementing models of self-determination.Each year a Manitoba Indigenous youth who exemplifies leadership and community service is honoured as cultural leaders and role models.