Our people have come home…

Ka Ni Kanichihk (pronounced Ga Ni Ganichick) means “those who lead” in the Ininew (Cree).

Ka Ni Kanichihk is a trusted heart of Winnipeg’s Indigenous community. Our vision is to lead our people back home to a place where we are self-determining, healthy, happy, and respected for our cultural and spiritual strengths and ways of being.

We do this through a number of Indigenous led prevention and intervention programs that help children, youth, women, men, and families heal, succeed, and become leaders. 

Ka Ni Kanichihk provides education and job-skills training, support for women and families, and mentorship. We walk with people on their path of recovery from trauma. 

Ka Ni Kanichihk COVID-19 Response

The Ka Ni Kanichihk office remains closed for everyone’s safety, but we are still here for our community. We can be reached at:
Tel. (204) 953-5820    Email:
admin@kanikanichihk.ca   Fax (204) 953-5824

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Our Featured Resources

Our resources section includes community studies and reports, Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Annual Reports and links to other agencies serving our community.