Between the Pipes, an upcoming 2S graphic novel by Dr. Elaine Mordoch, Albert McLeod, Sonya Ballantyne, and illustrated by Alice RL. The novel will release September 10 of this year.

JUNE 27, 2024 – We would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Elaine Mordoch, co-author of Between the Pipes, an upcoming Two-Spirit graphic novel, for donating her proceeds from the novel’s sales to Velma’s House 24/7 Safe Space, located at 566 Bannatyne Avenue in Winnipeg.

Dr. Mordoch co-authored the novel with Sonya Ballantyne and Albert McLeod, illustrated by Alice RL. From Dr. Mordoch’s author profile on Highwater Press: ‘Dr. Elaine Mordoch is an Associate Professor and Research Affiliate at the College of Nursing, University of Manitoba. Her research focuses on topics such as Indigenous students’ perceptions of intergenerational trauma on education, suicide prevention, and most recently, with Elder Albert McLeod, the lived experiences of Two-Spirit people.’

Elder Albert McLeod is the lead consultant of 2Spirit Consultants, an organization working toward educating, consulting, and training people about Indigenous LGBTQ+ people, decolonization, and reconciliation. McLeod is also also a Kookum at Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Mino Pimatisiwin Sexual Wellness Lodge, located at 765 Main Street in Winnipeg, inside the Social Enterprise Centre.

Between the Pipes is releasing September 10 this year, published through Highwater Press – an imprint of Portage and Main Press – which specializes in publishing stories by emerging and established Indigenous writers.

Here’s what to expect from Between the Pipes, a young-adult 2S graphic novel, taken from Portage and Main Press’ webpage for the novel (linked below):

Thirteen-year-old Chase’s life and identity should be simple. He’s the goalie for his hockey team, the Eagles. He’s a friend to Kevin and Jade. He’s Kookum’s youngest grandchild. He’s a boy. He should like girls.

But it’s not that simple. Chase doesn’t like girls the way that the other boys do. It’s scary being so different from his peers. Scarier still is the feeling that his teammates can tell who he is—and that they hate him for it. If he pretends hard enough, maybe he can hide the truth.

Real strength and change can’t come from a place of shame. Chase’s dreams are troubled by visions of a bear spirit, and the more he tries to hide, the more everything falls apart. With the help of an Elder and a Two-Spirit mentor, can Chase find the strength to be proud of who he is?

Between the Pipes explores toxic masculinity in hockey through the experiences of an Indigenous teen.”

Between the Pipes is available for pre-order now.

To learn more and pre-order the novel, and support Velma’s House, visit: