“I heard about MYTEAM through a friend who was a participant, and I came because I wanted to feel better about myself. I had no goals for myself and didn’t have a lot of hope for my future. Going to program, I connected with other youth and felt like I had a place to belong and had a purpose. Meeting with my mentor, accomplishing goals, and thinking about my future helped me become more focused, confident, and determined.
I am proud that I went back to school. I now have a vision to go to university and earn a degree as a counsellor so I can go back and support youth who have also been through the child welfare system, like me. There are a lot of people who say Indigenous youth who are in CFS can’t be successful. My hope is that more of them will find their purpose like I did at Ka Ni Kanichihk.”

  • Breena, MYTEAM program 2021 graduate