Meet Candace, a young mother whose resilient will has helped her overcome many painful challenges in her  life.

When Candace’s son was apprehended when she lived in Brandon, MB her life fell apart. With no resources to help her and a difficult system to navigate, she gave up and started going down a path that almost took away her will. But, determined not to give up, Candace found the strength to seek the help she needed to find a better path. That’s when she found out about Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Honouring Gifts program and signed up. Now Candace has a new purpose and a zest for life, and has found a way forward to become successful and empowered.

The Honouring Gifts Program was a Blessing to be a part of.

I loved it so much, I have learned not to be afraid, to speak out and communicate with others out there in our community. The four gifts of life, feelings, actions, values, purpose, problem solving, goal setting, communication, decision making – and there is so much more I have learned! I’m very grateful for that. Everyone has been super supportive. I now feel I have a better Path to choose in my life Journey!

Meegwetch Ka Ni Kanichihk❤️ Candace

Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Honouring Gifts program is designed to educate and empower Indigenous mothers and support them in unlocking their potential. Honouring Gifts is a 40-week, full-time training program that provides employability skills, cultural awareness, work experience in the field of their choice, life skills, exposure to post-secondary options, and certified trainings in Food Handlers, WHIMIS, CPR/First Aid, and Manitoba Best customer service. The program also focuses on the nine essential skills for the workplace which are reading, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, working with others, thinking digital technology and continuous learning.

Are you an Indigenous mother between the ages of 18 to 30? Currently receiving EIA benefits for at least 6 months?Do you desire assistance with your next big step towards education or employment?

If you answered YES to all of the above the Honouring Gifts program might be for you!

The 40-week pre-employment program offers:  Employability Skill Building, Life Skill Building,  Cultural Awareness, Essential Skill Building, Certificate Trainings, Portfolio Development, Work Placement Practicums and Education Institution Tours

Next program starts September 2021

The Honouring Gifts program is accepting people for the fall.  For more information visit Honouring Gifts – Ka Ni Kanichihk To apply, contact