“It’s really made me appreciate and participate in my culture more. Culture has made a good impact on my mental health” – Madison

The Butterfly Club and Kistesimaw programs have begun a new project in partnership with Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre (MICEC) to teach Indigenous Language . The 12-week program for youth ages 8-13 years started on Oct. 18th and offers beginner lessons in Cree and Ojibwe. It will be followed by another learning session in Michif.  Cultural and Language Land-based Camps with elders and knowledge keepers will supplement classroom learning. 

The first week started with numbers, colors and greetings. Participants write out the words first, practice saying them, and then reinforce their learning through fun, interactive games.                                                                    

“What stands out for me,” Program Coordinator Monika Pichor said, “is young people’s interest in connecting to their language and their desire to speak with their grandparents in Cree/Ojibwe and to also share their learning with their siblings.”

“I knew nothing about my culture before coming here and now I know lots” – Sam

This project takes place on Monday’s from 4:00-6:30pm, and spaces are still available for up to 10 more youth. If you are interested, please contact Monika at mpichor@kanikanichihk.ca