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Restoring the Sacred (RTS)

We believe that our children are sacred and that their lives are important and worthwhile and it is our job to lead them in a process of self discovery and success.
Restoring the Sacred is a youth centered, culturally based, peer mentorship program for Indigenous youth, 14 – 21 who are relocating to Winnipeg to continue their education.


To support the development of healthy, happy, resilient and motivated youth leaders and achievers.


Develop leadership and mentorship capacity in Indigenous youth through culturally based and comprehensive peer mentor training and supports;

Improve life skills that enhance safety and build confidence;
Promote and support academic involvement, achievement and retention;
Strengthen resilience and reduce risks of victimization (e.g. gang involvement, sexual exploitation);
Increase awareness of helpful resources and services.

Program Model

Restoring the Sacred provides a culturally safe and positive social environment that blends a youth centred and strength (asset) based approach with our unique cultural world views, knowledge and practices in its service delivery model.

Building strong youth leaders – Mentors and Mentees

Restoring the Sacred identifies and selects motivated youth who are committed to being positive and healthy role models and provides them with mentorship and leadership training. Mentors are then paired with newcomer youth and remain connected throughout the school year. Mentors and Mentees are encouraged and supported to get together, by phone, social networking, or in person on a weekly basis.

Program Activities

Both Mentors and mentees also participate in a wide range of learning, social, recreational and cultural weekly activities that are designed to enhance confidence, discipline, assertiveness, independence and identity. Activities take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, between 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and on the weekends throughout the school year, September – June.

Educational (learning) activities include Food Handlers certification, First Aid CPR certification, gang awareness, sexual health and exploitation awareness, life skills, self care, mapping and mobility of Winnipeg (scavenger hunts), daily homework help,  Aboriginal history (pre and post colonial), treaties, career portfolios, goal setting, Mentorship and facilitation training.

Social activities include daily meal planning/preparation, volunteering in our community, retreats, talking circles, team building activities, leadership development, and interactive life skills.

Recreational activities include bowling, roller skating, ice skating, paintball, movie making, attending community events (e.g. Moose games, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Aboriginal Music Week, etc), archery, crafts, birthday celebrations, movie nights, horseback riding, to name a few.

Spiritual (cultural) activities include starting everyday in a good way; smudging, prayer, pipe ceremonies, sweat lodges, pow wows, Yuwipe ceremonies, full moon ceremonies, fasting, hand drum making, singing, traditional games, feasts, medicine picking, cultural teachings led by Elders, both male and female and teachings.


All Indigenous youth, 14 – 21 who are new to Winnipeg and attending school;
Indigenous youth who have attended high school in Winnipeg for one year prior to entering the program;
Youth who are interested in developing leadership skills and having fun;
Youth who want to connect with other youth Mentors

Referral and intake process

Students can be referred at any time during the year (continuous intake) through First Nations Education Authority Counsellors, Métis Community counsellors, high school counsellors and educators, parents and caregivers, students and through self referral.

If you would like to be a mentor fill out our mentor online application form. Mentor Application Form

If you would like to be a mentee fill out our mentee online application form. Mentee Application Form

Click here for printable version of the Mentor Application Form.

Click here for printable version of the Mentee Application Form.

For more information fill out our online form or by contacting:
Restoring the Sacred rts@kanikanichihk.ca

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