The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club is a program designed to engage, motivate, and support young Indigenous girls, 9-13 years of age, in academic, cultural, and leadership development activities. The program provides the girls with an opportunity to participate in activities they would normally would not have the opportunity to, to develop self-confidence and a sense of belonging. The Butterfly Club offers weekly programming guided by a curriculum which is comprised of activities guided by mind, body, and spirit.

We have a book club designed to improve literacy levels and vocabulary. Storytelling with Elders will give girls the opportunity to learn the traditional oral histories of Indigenous people.

Through traditional teachings, the girls will learn to understand their bodies and the gifts they receive as women. We get to go hiking, skating, snowboarding and even go on wildlife adventures. The girls will have the opportunity to participate in sport and recreational activities such as hiking, wildlife adventures skating and snowboarding.

The girls will develop problem-solving abilities, and make good decisions and choices based on the teachings they receive from Indigenous Elders. We have special elder friends who are there to help us if we need them. They can teach us things about our culture and even talk over problems we may have in our lives.

Are you between 9 & 13 years of age? If so, we’d love to have you join our girls-only Butterflies Club.

For a printable copy of our Application package please click here.

Funder:  Canadian Women’s Foundation

For more information, email or phone 204 953-5820.