Sister’s Circle

Mentorship Program for Girls

The Sisters’ Circle engages, inspires and empowers the mind, spirit, emotions, and body of 20 Indigenous girls between the ages of 9 and 13 years each from September to June. The girls will participate in cultural practices and education activities, as well as connect with respected female Elders, and traditional knowledge keepers. Through these sessions and supported by mentors, the young girls will develop greater self-esteem and self-respect and hope for their futures.

This high-quality group mentorship project is delivered by Ka Ni Kanichihk that includes 1 (one) project coordinator, 5 (five) adult mentors, and 2 (two) youth tri-mentors, whose aim is to connect with the girls as a friend, confidant and a role models to encourage girls to develop their skills personally and socially to become great role models in their communities.The project is run in two different formats – weekly sessions run for 2 hours and full day sessions run once a month for 6 hours in length. A number of curriculum plans covering different topics have been prepared to support the delivery of the sessions that revolve around an activity and focus on topics that coincide with the medicine wheel and seasons.

The purpose of the Sister’s Circle is to empower our Indigenous girls to find balance in their lives and enable them to make informed decisions for their futures and their personal well being.

SPIRIT: Provide cultural opportunities for girls to celebrate their uniqueness to build and affirm the relevance of cultural identity and how it influences our values.

MIND: Provide academic success education through opportunities to adopt a two-way learning practice by incorporation Indigenous history and culture and mainstream curriculum to show how our mind influences our decisions.

EMOTIONS: Provide opportunities for community involvement and discuss our emotions and understand how they influence our reactions and provide meaning.

BODY: Provide physical opportunities to promote active living to create a sense of purpose and how it influences our actions.

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