Information and Office Administrative Assistant Program (IOAA)

This is a 12 month community-based program delivered on-site that provides graduates with accreditation from Red River College, delivered in partnership with Neeginan Institute of Technology.

Students are eligible to enter into the second year of the Computer Applications for Business Diploma program at Red River College Princess Street Campus.

All Educational Programs are designed to create a safe environment that provides culturally authentic opportunities for the women to become connected to their history, themselves, their community and nation. Traditional knowledge is woven throughout the content; based on principles of belonging, generosity, independence, and mastery as described by Dr. Martin Brokenleg in the Circle of Courage. The focus is to build upon women’s assets, resources, aptitudes, abilities, skills and knowledge. Women have an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills. The curriculum will include development of communication skills, conflict resolution, and deveoping a code of conduct which supports the learning environment. Women are providing with learning opportunities to become self-directing and begin to set goals as well as discover options.

What hours would I have to go to school?

If you are accepted, students take classroom instruction from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for ten months.

Is there any work experience?

Yes! After you complete the 10 months of classroom training, you have an eight week practicum. Practicums have included work with government, banks, credit unions, businesses and community organizations. Program staff aim to have positions available at the end of each practicum.

How much does it cost?

Books and computers are all included in the training. Participants are required to work with the Funding Coordinator to secure funding for tuition and living costs.

Who can take this training?

  • Women of Indigenous ancestry who are 18 years and over
  • Senior 4 (Grade 12) education is recommended, but we do consider those who have similar skills and knowledge that may not have their high school diploma

Are students successful?

IOAA 2014-2015 Statistics    

Graduation Rate (14/18) = 78%

CAB Diploma – (9/18) = 50%

Secured Employment from work placement – (7/18) = 39%

Funder:  Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD)

How do I apply?

Dana Connolly, Program Coordinator
Phone: (204) 953-5820 ext. 237